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Indigo Holiday Party!

So back in August I had the opportunity to head over to the Chapters Indigo HQ to attend the unveiling of their new Fall Lifestyle Collection.  It was such a great event and I posted about it here.  Well, last week on October 18 I was once again given the chance to view another collection.

This time, I was invited to attend the unveiling of the Indigo Holiday Collection.  Once again, Chapters Indigo has absolutely outdone themselves, both in terms of the event and the products.  It even smelled like Christmas in the room.  This of course led to myself and Chandra from the IndigoTeenBlog trying to hunt down the smell.  I was unsuccessful, but Chandra came through. Apparently it was the Voluspa candles gift set that smelt like Christmas.  *I have already added them to my Christmas list*

The event included Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan who provided tasty eats from his new book Fabricca, Author Neil Pasricha telling us about some of his Awesome Holiday memories, Indigo CEO Heather Reismann telling us about some of her favourite books of the year, and prize giveaways.

Mark McEwan talking about his new book Fabricca

Makes such a beautiful entrance!

Notice the down slippers in the top of the picture.  Those come in at $36.00 but
so worth every penny!

Gifts for Baby!

I think that the thing that continues to surprise and impress me is the quality of the products being produced.  The products and the quality of them is comparable to something you would find in Pottery Barn or Pier1.  Indigo is really moving away from offering novelty items and really focusing on making your book shopping experience a complete one.  From what I saw at the preview event, I know where I am doing my Christmas Shopping this year.

People keep asking me how I get invited to these events.  For the Fall Party, I received the opportunity to attend through twitter.  For the Holiday Party, the opportunity was extended to me as I had been before and I am a rewards member with ChaptersIndigo.  It really does pay off to be a rewards member :)  At the end of the evening, we were all given some gift bags to take home.

Ninja Bag!

Ninja Bag Swag!

I have to give a huge thanks to Chapters Indigo for the opportunity to attend this wonderful event and preview their new Indigo Holiday Collection.


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