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Follow Friday #2

Welcome to Follow Friday and the weekly blogger hop.  I absolutely love this idea as it is a great way for me to find new blogs and meet more bloggers.

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and the Weekly Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy for Books.

This weeks Follow Friday Question is:

What are you doing to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse and/or the return of Mel Gibson to the silver screen? (Both of which could be terrifying.)

A. Not gonna lie, but I hope the Zombie's come before Mel Gibson's return to the silver screen.  Hopefully I too can become a zombie and then won't have the brain power to care about Mel Gibson.  Better yet would be for me to have the ability to send the zombie's after Mel Gibson to prevent him returning to movies in the first place.  Yes, I think I quite like that idea.  Now to figure out a way to execute it!
Book Blogger Hop

This weeks task for the weekly blogger hop is:

Share your favorite post from the last month and tell us why it’s close to your heart!

A. For me that would have to be the review I did on James Rollins' new book.  He actually read the review and commented.  Cause I love his books, I had a little fan girl moment and I'm not even ashamed, lol.

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post or a follows me always gets one back.  Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Andra said...

Ha...yeah...I definitely would rather see the apocalypse come before Mel Gibson's return...but hey we still have a chance! The "new" date for the end of the world is now October 21st! Mel isn't supposed to be back until next year...lets keep our fingers crossed shall we?? lol

We Fancy Books said...

Dropping by to say Hi *waves*
Following you :D

Here's our Zombie/Mel Gibson Answer
We Fancy Books

Nicole said...

Excellent. But if the apocalypse gets extended again and goes beyond Mel's next movie release date, I may just go nuts.

Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by and the follow. Love your blog and I'm your newest follower!

Kat (No Page Left Behind) said...

Isn't it an awesome feeling when an author actually reads and comments on your blog? Gotta love it!

PS - love your zombie/Mel answer :)

Nicole said...

It is. I felt like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber (sp?) concert.

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy said...

Hi there, new follower here! Love your blog! :)

Nicole said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I will be sure to return the favour!

Howard Sherman said...

As the saying goes – the best defense is a good offense. I’ve got that covered! My preparations for the zombie apocalypse are not just intricate, they’re stylish. I’m not talking “last stand” stuff here. I mean to lure in the zombies and slaughter them wholesale while we sip champagne and watch.

How am I going to do that? Follow me back to my blog at and read all about it.

Thank G-d it’s Follow Friday!

Howard Sherman, Implementor

debnance at readerbuzz said...

Keep repeating after me, "I ain't scared of no Zombies...I ain't scared...."

I'm stopping by via the Hop. I always follow back.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I am having a wonderful giveaway this month at my blog, Readerbuzz I'm giving away a lovely hardback copy of Anna and the French Kiss! Hope you will stop by.

Kindlemom1 said...

Great blog!

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